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Competitor Analysis

Our Competitor Analysis Services uses advanced in-depth marketing knowledge to deliver not only a laser focused marketing plan but also action goals that you can implement immediately in order to improve your ranking in the search engines. The outlines we create entail steps to manage your reputation online, thereby attracting new business while retaining existing customers.

Competitive Analysis is where we here at Accelerated Freelance use a set of criteria customized for you in order to help you reach your business goals. In this way Accelerated Freelance uses a combination of analyzing and action in order to elevate you in the customer’s eyes and help you meet your business objectives.

Accelerated Freelance analyzes your competitors offering, (separate from his product,) to see what makes them different from you. His offering is not his product; his offering is how he presents his product online. We find that typically this is the deciding factor when a customer chooses between product A and product B. That is what makes a competitor analysis data so important.

What exactly gets analyzed?

We analyze many different things, not all of them are from your business. In addition to analyzing your own business we analyze what your competitor does differently online that maybe you should do too.

  • Search Engine Ranking – who’s the top 10 in your field? If it’s not you we find out who it is and how they got there.
  • Pay Per Click Listings – these are the paid ads, the first ones you see in a search engine. It’s the one in little yellow box. Do these work for your competitors and can they work for you?
  • Keywords – sometimes people use strange words to find common things in addition to the obvious words. We help you find both.
  • Linking Strategies – it’s not enough to have a bunch of incoming links, they have to be from quality sources. We help you find who’s best to link to.
  • Web Copywriting – do you have a sales letter that converts? In other words, does a visitor to your site do what you ask them to do or just leave without doing anything?
  • Competitor Analysis Services – we determine exactly how much higher on the search engine your competitor is than you, and how he got there. Strategies and marketing plans are out in the open at all times. That makes them extremely easy and alive by someone who knows what they’re doing. Then we apply this knowledge to your business moving you up in the rankings.

However it’s not all about analysis, it’s also about action. All the analysis in the world won’t help if we don’t have specific recommendations. That’s why we use that analysis to your advantage.

How we elevate you above your competitors

While it’s important to learn from your competitors, we also believe in elevating you above your competitors. We want your clients be able to see you as the unique solution to their problems so that no other competitors even enter their mind. This is where our customized marketing plan really comes into play. By getting the customers to understand the core values you use to run your company, we get them to understand and like your company over someone else’s.

A few of the ways we optimize your website

  • Pay Per Click Ads: our ppc search engine management is run in the most strategic manner possible. While some people run these ads willy-nilly and hope to get traffic, we run them with laser targeted focus, like to announce a special promotion
  • Keyword Analysis: while it’s easy to find some keywords, others are harder. People’s minds work in mysterious ways and they make connections for keywords not usually thought of. With our keyword research services we find out what they’re thinking so you can use the best keywords.
  • Link Attraction Services: this is where we get expert websites to notice your site, these links are highly sought after because they assist in ranking you higher.
  • SEO Copywriting: not only will people like your sales message, but search engines will too

Our Services we customized marketing plan for you, and use many SEO strategies to get you an overall Internet marketing plan that is second to none.

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