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Social Media TestAfter a somewhat rocky start social media is among the hottest trends of the online world and is definitely here to stay. There will be more social media sites as the time goes by and the World Wide Web becomes the social hub of our lives. As unimaginable as new site may be we only need to go back a few years when a site like Facebook was hard to imagine and probably impossible to build. All of these sites have one common element and that is that they are social and human beings are social animals.

Social Media Test

As the term social can be a key to an increase in sales it should not be treated lightly. This quiz will let you know how much you really know and it may surprise you.
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Store Front DesignSmall business owners have to add spice to their store to attract customers. Making the place more enticing can draw in prospective customers. These customers may walk by, be intrigued by something interesting and decide to do some shopping. It is important for small business owners to exploit unique details to their advantage. With all their marketing campaigns and branding strategies, big businesses can get away with streamlining their products and overall setup. Small businesses, however, cannot afford to be relaxed on their appearance. This piece will provide tips on what can be done to make your shop more attractive, unique and memorable.

Colors and Patterns
You don’t want your store to look like it is someone’s personal storage unit! Sloppiness creates an atmosphere that harkens to a garage sale, and that is not what you want your customers to feel! Make your store feel unique, welcoming and intentional by adding vibrant, bright colors.

Begin by painting the walls and other related features of the store. Customers should feel as if they have walked into something special and worthwhile. Many consumers will look at a shop with bland colors and automatically walk back out. It might not be done on purpose, but subconsciously, shoppers need to be attracted to a storefront and feel your brand through the presentation you make. Small business owners have to deliberate over these details.
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Going ViralIn 2009 when I was just getting started with social marketing I created the experimental video hoax that you see here. This started out with a debate between a friend who was a bit of a conspiracy theorist and myself . We had a debate about how he thought there were cameras in DTV converter boxes. He was convinced that this was why the government mandated the analog to digital switch. I told him that I was about to purchase such a box and I would open it up in order to convince him he was wrong. After getting my DTV converter box, I got to thinking. What if instead of proving him wrong I proved him right? Then I thought what if I filmed the entire thing and placed it on the web. After all, he was not the only one suspicious about these government mandated TV boxes. I opened my newly purchased DTV convert box then crudely glued a camera from an old discarded cellphone onto the device’s transformer. I then shared the video with a few friends via email and sat back and waited. Now I knew that this video would get a little bit of traction, but I had no idea that my little inside joke would get national attention.

After a few days, I almost forgot about the video then I decided to check my page and discovered I had about 200,000 views and 800 plus comments. Not long after that I started getting calls from reporters from all over the world interested in knowing if there was any truth to the video. I even heard my video replayed on the nationally syndicated Alex Jones talk show.
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SEO Side Project

If you work online as a webmaster or SEO, then it’s probably safe to make a few assumptions about you. You’re probably a fairly technically-minded person, but at the same time down-to-Earth enough to grasp the basics of business. This probably means that you’re fairly intelligent, without being too socially withdrawn – though you probably spend a lot of time in your own head thinking and probably enjoy your own company just slightly more than anyone else’s.

If that sounds true, and if you’re fitting the typical portrait of someone who works online, then I know enough about you to tell you that you should be running at  least one side project. Here we will look at what I mean by that, and at why you need it.

What is a Side Project?

First of all, what is a side project? Well essentially a side project is any work you’re doing that’s not central to your ‘main’ business. For most people reading this article, that will mean a project other than your main website, or other than the marketing you do for clients.
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Family accuses Latah Co Sheriff of Facebook bullyingFrom the individual perspective and the broader perspective of society, we are able to achieve growth and success from our connections and communication with one another. Social media websites like Facebook have a ‘sticky’ appeal. People return to keep updated with the most recent gossip and to connect with friends. However, the enchantment of social media is not restricted to people inside one’s own social circle. It has penetrated mass audiences and altered the behaviors of societies. It has advanced the way we connect and share.

It is not unusual to witness social behavior shared through the Internet. Those that have grown up in the age of the web are are commonly those most able to adapt to new web technologies, and they are definitely on the forefront of social media of all types. They have also extra technological know-how as compared to a lot of the older generations. In many aspects, Social media can positively impact our daily lives. Much like the early days of the telephone, it allows us to connect with people in new ways removing geographic barriers.

Because social media has quickly integrated itself into almost all elements of our private and professional lives, it is easy to neglect its ability to be used in a negative manner. Bullying, once an activity that required people to have person-to-person dialogue, has now moved online, breaking down the physical barriers once required for such abuse. Cyber bulling, as it’s often referred, comes in many forms including verbal harassment, social exclusion and slander.

Because of the seemingly anonymous nature of the web, the affects of cyber bulling can often be lost on the perpetrator. Cyber bullying is unlike the traditional schoolyard-bulling scenario where the ramifications of the bullying can be immediately observed. For many, cyber bulling has lead to depression, self-harm, and even suicide.
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