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Link Building With Scrape BoxUntil recently I did not spend much of my link building efforts around blog comments, that is until I found a great way to do Link Building with Scrape Box. Often the amount of work required finding a do-follow link or keyword rich anchor link via blogs was just not worth the time. Just when I was about to give up all together on using blog comments for link building I stumbled upon a blog with the LinkLuv plug-in installed. This led me to look for similar plug-ins such as one called CommentLuv. Both LinkLuv and CommentLuv are WordPress plug-ins that rewards commenter’s by allowing them to add keywords in the name section of their comment post as long as it’s in a particular format. name@keyword.

This got me thinking. Now I had at my disposal a platform I could target to obtain keyword rich anchor text links with high page rank. The only thing left to do was to develop a process for building a list of Linkluv and CommentLuv blogs. That’s where Scrape Box comes in. Scrapebox is a tool commonly associated with Blackhat SEO and though it certainly has the ability to automatically spam multiple blog formats Scape Box is much more than an automated spam tool. For one time cost of $99 its well worth the investment.

In order to quickly find and sort through LinkLuv and CommentLuv blogs I’m going to use Scrapebox’s link harvesting abilities. I will demonstrate this process step by step.

Step 1. Select a custom footprint, select the search engines to harvest links form, then enter the below query.

“This site uses KeywordLuv” OR “This blog uses CommentLuv” OR “This blog uses premium CommentLuv” OR “This blog uses CommentLuv”

This site uses KeywordLuv” OR “This blog uses CommentLuv


















Step 2. Select the Scrape button.


















Step 3. Enter in a few target keywords then select the Scrape button.

Link Building with Scrape Box


















Step 4. After additional keywords are harvested select the Add to Main Keyword List

Link Building with ScrapeBox


















Step 5. Select the Start harvesting button.

Harvesting Linkluv Post


















Step 6. After your URLs are completely harvested select the Remove Duplicate URL’s button.

Step 7. Select the PageRank Button then choose the drop down option Get Domain PageRank

Check Pagerank

















Step 8. Click the Import/export URL’s & PR Export drop down option then select CSV which will save your list as Excel file.

Step 9. Open the saved Excel file and remove any row that has no PageRank. Ex. N/A Then sort the links by their PageRank started with the highest.

Now you have an ultra-targeted list of LinkLuv and CommentLuv blogs to obtain links from. Best of all with a great post and a keyword in the name field of the post you are almost sure to receive some great keyword rich anchor links.

Adam Chronister is director and co-founder of Accelerated Freelance, an award winning Spokane SEO Firm. You can find him on Google and Twitter.

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